Thursday, 4 August 2016

Greater London's best kept secret: Leefest – The Neverland

10 years ago, Lee Denny’s parents left him home alone.
No, this isn’t the beginning of a Macaulay Culkin-led festive film, but rather the spark which encouraged him to found Leefest, Kent’s hidden musical gem which celebrated it’s tenth year this weekend.
When I attended the last Leefest two years ago, it was a quarter of the current size, already developing a name for itself amongst those in the know for its ability to find emerging talent mere months before they sell out stadiums: Mercury-award winning Young Fathers, Bastille, Years & Years and Jack Garratt (the latter of which went from making awkward small talk to a handful of people on the opening day to selling out huge London venues) to name just a few.
This year’s talent included many established musicians – the three headliners: Everything Everything, Circa Waves and Lianne La Havas had plenty of fans screaming along to every word – but elsewhere there was a genre-spanning lineup of new discoveries. Garage legends DJ Luck & MC Neat had everyone piling onto haystacks to get involved with ‘Little Bit of Luck’, Midland had everyone partying til dawn and grime powerhouse Little Simz was so charismatic that she even got the people queuing for quesadillas swaying along to her set.
One thing’s for sure – there’s something about Leefest which is truly magical; whether its the hidden forests, or their unwavering dedication to the weekend’s Peter Pan theme (in Mermaid Lagoon you will find mermaids, in Neverwoods you will find Lost Boys having a water fight with a pirate and in Pirate Bay…yeah, you get the gist).
At the end of the day, the crux of its charm lies in the heart of it all; with all proceeds going straight to Great Ormond Street Hospital, it lacks that flagrant commercial aspect that seems to power a lot of the bigger festivals at the moment, and by still maintaining the character and sense of community that first drew people to music festivals, it retains a relaxed, insanely entertaining vibe with a palpable love of music behind it.
Photos courtesy of Leefest: The Neverland on Facebook.
Sounds good? Super early bird tickets for Leefest 2017 are already on sale at £70 (+booking fee)!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

BRAND NEW: LunchMoney Lewis - BILLS

I normally don't post too much pop music on here, but I've got to say, chart music is really upping its game. While this song can be a little repetitive, the electro-swing influence really makes it stand out and stick in your mind, plus the video is so simple in driving the lyrics along that you really begin to like 'Lunch Money' Lewis.

He has bills he has to pay, and god damn it, he's gonna work to make sure he pays them. Nothing unecessary, just a real feel-good track, that's going to go viral any minute now

Out May on Kemosabe Records

Monday, 30 March 2015


I was reading the review section of a newspaper when I saw, almost as an afternote, in the corner of the page, a picture of Tobias Jesso Jr, an up and coming songwriter whose debut album Goon was released last week. 

With rumours of him possibly dating Taylor Swift and none other than Adele posting a link to his most streamed track How Could You Babe on her twitter, its surprising he hasn't had more exposure before now, but putting aside who he may or may not have dated, and his MGMT-esque mop of hair, the music sells itself really, a lot of his tracks sounding like they could have easily been a Lennon-McCartney composition from the 70s, but with more of the lost,vulnerable generation coming across in his voice.

The standout track for me is the woozy 'Just A Dream', with lyrics of a lullaby to his 'child' which apparently came to him in a weird, apocalyptic dream, and has the air of a brilliant piano ballad, not dissimilar to the likes of Perfect Day or Hey Jude.

Watch out for this guy; this record often feels like Jesso Jr hasn't quite reached his full potential, and the skill needed to capture sentimentality using stylised piano without coming across overly sappy hints at great music to come.

Out Now on True Panther 

Monday, 28 July 2014


I feel like there's an overwhelming amount of great new music out at the moment, and during the weekend before last I went to Leefest, a small local festival where for just £70 for the whole weekend I got to bask in the sunlight, discover some great new music and camp out with a big group of friends.

The first act that I managed to see was Jack Garratt.

"i'm used to speaking on the internet, i'm not so good with words on the outernet"
Jack Garratt's debut EP 'Remnants' was out last week, his single 'Worry' was featured on Zane Lowe's radio 1 show, and a few seconds into his set, it was clear why he'd recieved so much attention before he'd even released his first EP.

Each track on Remnants has a completely different sound, which helps Garratt to avoid being pigeonholed into a single genre, and his music seems to swerve away from the familiar cookie-cutter style of pop that many singer-songwriters tend to go towards, and instead draws inspiration from a wide range of current alternative artists from Jamie Woon to Bon Iver to James Blake, which makes for a solid record.

The second track I Couldn't Want You Anyway is a standout track: a brutally honest ballad which, when played acoustically at Leefest, managed to completely silence an entire tent of casual listeners, however the whole EP has an air of sophistication that sets expectations high for his future releases.

Remnants EP is out now on Turn First Records.

E x

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

one last call for alcohol

It's such a relief to say... my exams are finally over.

It cannot be good for somebody my age to be so unbelievably stressed, but in the days since I sat my last disastrous exam , I've had the chance to spend a lot of time with my friends (which I appreciate even more after hardly seeing them for the large part of a month) as well as visiting Chatham Dockyard, Marina Abramovic's exhibiton 512 Hours at the Serpentine Gallery, seeing the new film Belle. and began watching Game of Thrones.

Expect much more frequent blogging in the next couple of months!

( any friends with benefits/ the office us fans will know why)

E x

Saturday, 10 May 2014

may music

I meant to do a full blog post about some songs that I'm really into at the moment, but it turns out that AS exams (and life events in general) take up a lot of time, so with the help of Polyvore, I've put together a bit of a playlist with most of the songs I've been obsessing over.

may music

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