i've got a lot of coursework and exams coming up, so i'm going to do a series of quick posts about my fashion inspirations at the moment.
I really love the look that this French actress, Anna Karina has.

Just look at that cute little Violet Baudelaire style bow


I'm really liking the colour red at the moment, and the fact that she manages to work red tights is seriously inspirational in my eyes

It's seriously hard to explain my love for her without key-smashing - she makes the most simple dress look
So effortlessly stylish and beautiful... 

She's also an inspiration for any girl trying to perfect that flick of eyeliner (aka moi)
i'm going to try and get a few of her films, such as Une Femme est Une Femme, Pierrot Le Fou and Made in USA off of LoveFilm over the next month or so, I'm feeling in a very French mood recently.
Why? Je ne sais pas!


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