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I feel like there's an overwhelming amount of great new music out at the moment, and during the weekend before last I went to Leefest, a small local festival where for just £70 for the whole weekend I got to bask in the sunlight, discover some great new music and camp out with a big group of friends.

The first act that I managed to see was Jack Garratt.

"i'm used to speaking on the internet, i'm not so good with words on the outernet"
Jack Garratt's debut EP 'Remnants' was out last week, his single 'Worry' was featured on Zane Lowe's radio 1 show, and a few seconds into his set, it was clear why he'd recieved so much attention before he'd even released his first EP.

Each track on Remnants has a completely different sound, which helps Garratt to avoid being pigeonholed into a single genre, and his music seems to swerve away from the familiar cookie-cutter style of pop that many singer-songwriters tend to go towards, and instead draws inspiration from a wide range of current alternative artists from Jamie Woon to Bon Iver to James Blake, which makes for a solid record.

The second track I Couldn't Want You Anyway is a standout track: a brutally honest ballad which, when played acoustically at Leefest, managed to completely silence an entire tent of casual listeners, however the whole EP has an air of sophistication that sets expectations high for his future releases.

Remnants EP is out now on Turn First Records.

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