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I was reading the review section of a newspaper when I saw, almost as an afternote, in the corner of the page, a picture of Tobias Jesso Jr, an up and coming songwriter whose debut album Goon was released last week. 

With rumours of him possibly dating Taylor Swift and none other than Adele posting a link to his most streamed track How Could You Babe on her twitter, its surprising he hasn't had more exposure before now, but putting aside who he may or may not have dated, and his MGMT-esque mop of hair, the music sells itself really, a lot of his tracks sounding like they could have easily been a Lennon-McCartney composition from the 70s, but with more of the lost,vulnerable generation coming across in his voice.

The standout track for me is the woozy 'Just A Dream', with lyrics of a lullaby to his 'child' which apparently came to him in a weird, apocalyptic dream, and has the air of a brilliant piano ballad, not dissimilar to the likes of Perfect Day or Hey Jude.

Watch out for this guy; this record often feels like Jesso Jr hasn't quite reached his full potential, and the skill needed to capture sentimentality using stylised piano without coming across overly sappy hints at great music to come.

Out Now on True Panther 


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